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Old English Bible open at Isaiah

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Love: fire or fruit? Bishop Curry’s sermon was missing a person, IMHO (May 2018)

Book 'The Fruit of the Spirit is Love' published by Eagle Publishing Ltd, with caption Love: fire or fruit? Bishop Curry's sermon is missing a person, IMHO

What exactly is a pledge? Exploring the types of commitment seen in the Bible (with the aim of later looking at purity pledges) (Mar 2018)

Silver heart bracelet worn by bride. Text: Purity pledges and the Bible, what exactly is a pledge or vow or covenant?

Good Gifts for Growing People: A sermon on Romans 12:1-8 (Nov 2017) (includes YouTube video)

Be a priest in 2017: Identify with those who are like and unlike you (Jan 2017)

Wedding shoes of different colours but similar ribbons and style

Revelation 22 for beginners (with illustrations from Harry Potter) (Dec 2016)

Movie posters from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, with the caption "It all ends"

Serving the marginalised: Glamour and honour in Luke 14 (Nov 2016)

Parable of the great banquet in Luke 14

Ruth and Joseph: A closer look at love vs abuse


Who breaks in and does the washing up? Strange stories and Easter (Apr 2017)

Yellow roses in garden

Year of Hell, Remember Nothing, & The Wish: lessons on hope

Janeway Voyager Year of Hell

Is the One True Love biblical? On hope, choice and responsibility (Jul 2016)


I always loved the Torah – and now I feel lied to (a complaint about translation) (Oct 2017)

Worn used NIV Study Bible

When we don’t explain the Trinity, the gospel gets ugly (especially for wives) (July 2018)

Book The Meaning of Marriage Tim and Kathy Keller

Book reviews

Esther in the Bible: Surprisingly political

Book Esther In Ancient Jewish Thought by Aaron Koller

Books of 2017: Titles of interest to theology lovers and Bible students (Jan 2018)