Abuse dynamics

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On Dobson, domestic violence and DARVO dynamics (Feb 2020)

White broken eggshells on a black background with the words: On Dobson, domestic violence, and DARVO dynamics - Busting the myth that wives 'bait' their husbands to violence. A post about James Dobson's 'Love Must Be Tough'. workthegreymatter.com

Ruth and Joseph: A closer look at love vs abuse

The lying abusers who pose as victims: lessons from Mr Wickham (Aug 2018)

The lying abusers who pose as victims: lessons from Mr Wickham

On telling wives and girlfriends about their partner’s misogyny – please be careful

Picture of woman looking at her phone, not smiling, with the words: He sent you a lewd message. Now you want to tell his wife. OK... but please be careful. workthegreymatter.com

10 uncomfortable realities in Morgan Freeman’s statement on sexual harassment (Jun 2018)

10 uncomfortable realities in Morgan Freeman's statement on sexual harassment

#ThatsHarassment: David Schwimmer makes six short videos showing sexual consent violations (Apr 2017)

David’s story is no defence for male impunity (and Kavanaugh apologists need to know this) (Oct 2018)

Word cloud in red and blue about David and Bathsheba with the post’s title

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