Welcome to my blog.

I’m a Christian, a feminist and a person who’s positive about sex.

I blog about hope, sexuality and consent. 

And I am a critic of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Manga image of grey woman holding staff of Aaron with light showing her blue eyes
Extract from artwork created by Siku (@theartofsiku, www.TheArtOfSiku.com).

I blog about grey and awkward areas of life. Some of it makes uncomfortable reading, but all of it is offered to help you work your grey matter for yourself. The story behind the picture above is here.

The links below will take you to a feed of the most recent posts for the three main areas I blog about: consent, sexuality and faith. If you’d prefer organised indexes, please use links in the menus above.

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Life outside Eden (on sexuality and gender)

Ruth and Boaz Bible
Ruth chapter 3 from the pocket New Jerusalem Bible

On sexual expression and gender – these posts are about sex itself and what good looks like. There are also posts here about gender related issues, including purity and modesty culture.

The most popular posts in this section are:

Lines in the Sand (on consent and boundaries)

Do we draw lines or erode them?

On consent and boundaries – these posts talk about abuse and coercion in the context of a sexual relationship. There’s a lot about what bad looks like, including much on Fifty Shades. Even if this section isn’t for you, you might want to read Why do I write about 50 Shades? and/or Why do I write about BDSM? There are also a some posts specifically looking at BDSM, written primarily to help people recognise abuse (and some are written by people in the scene).

The most popular posts in this section are:

Love in Eternity

Parable of the great banquet in Luke 14
Tapestry of the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14

On Faith hope and God – here you’ll also find some posts about my Christian walk, theology and the Bible. And sometimes I get creative too.

The most popular posts in this section are:

Redemption: Beautiful love or beastly suffering?

Books of the Fifty Shades trilogy with a DVD of Beauty and the Beast
I bought the special edition DVD when I was living in Germany. All my copies of Fifty Shades were bought from charity shops.

Redemption and Fifty Shades – these posts take an in-depth look at how redemption is portrayed in Beauty and the Beast and then makes comparisons with Fifty Shades. They’ve been grouped on their own because there are quite a few of them and because they touch on all three of the themes that I blog about. The series ended up being eighteen posts long, so you might want to start with A summary of how redemption in BATB compares with 50 Shades.