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Hi, I’m Christine

I’m a sex-positive theology nerd.

I blog about hope, sexuality and consent, from a perspective rooted in my Christian faith.

Here’s what I’ve been writing recently:

Not sure where to start? All my posts are categorised as either Sunlight, Firelight, Moonlight or Starlight, depending on how controversial or emotionally taxing the topic is. Here’s what you’ll find in each category:

Sunlight: sharing good news about how to do:


Firelight: challenging how people sometimes talk about:


Moonlight: examining the complexities of:


Starlight: for when I get to reflect:


You can also read more about:

Plus, I have a sister-site, just for worship and devotional materials:

I was brought up as an evangelical Anglican. Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself with either of those labels at the current time, I live with a sense of home-sickness for both, which never completely goes away. In some respects I have progressed very far from what I believed when I was younger, in others, I remain very orthodox.

The part of my faith that has surprised me most (not to mention others) has been my love of the Old Testament and the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). I feel like I know and love Jesus best, not when I experience him as a companion, good friend or advocate, but rather as a wonderful teacher of the law. Maybe that will change in the future, but it’s where I’m at now and I’m done trying to hide it.

Thank you for visiting.

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