Welcome to my blog.

I’m a Christian, a feminist and a person who’s positive about sex.

I blog about:

  • Hope, commitment and purity
  • Sexuality, and how we frame sex
  • Consent, abuse and BDSM

And I am a critic of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Manga image of grey woman holding staff of Aaron with light showing her blue eyes
Extract from artwork created by Siku (@theartofsiku, www.TheArtOfSiku.com).

I write as both a Christian and a feminist, but also with a listening ear to the sex-positive community.

I’m not afraid to touch on topics that are awkward, taboo, or just downright unpleasant to read about. So to help you navigate my posts, I put them in three categories — dip into whichever works for you:

  • Sunlight: uncontroversial content for egalitarian Christians, focussing mostly on how things should be
  • Firelight: patriarchy, where things go wrong, and questions over evangelical shibboleths
  • Moonlight: the more serious forms of gender violence and topics like BDSM or erotica

Oh, you’ll also find Starlight content, which are my reflections on theology and life.

Under the title of each post, next to the date it was published, it says which of these categories the post belongs to.

For more information, see my About Me page. The story behind the picture above is here.

Thank you for visiting.

Sex worth celebrating (Sunlight)

Wedding fascinators with the text "Advice on erotic excitement is often like saying a play will evoke greater anticipation if it has fancier costumes. Sure, that can open up possibilities, but it doesn't make theatre."

These posts are about sex itself and what good looks like. The most popular posts are:

Index page: Sex worth celebrating
Categories: Sex, Relationships, Consent

Egalitarian living (Sunlight & Firelight)

The most popular posts here are:



Index page: Towards equality
Categories: Equality, AmReading, Consent

Hope worth sharing (Sunlight)

All Shall Be Well outside Norwich Cathedral

Index page: Hope worth sharing

Ending VAWG (Firelight & Moonlight)

Looking at problems of patriarchy and where things go wrong. Most popular posts here are:

Firelight content:

Moonlight content:

Index page: Ending VAWG

Perspective on purity (Sunlight, Firelight & Moonlight)

White wedding shoes with the words Pure and Precious written on the inside

Depending on who you talk to, “purity” is either a wonderful word to describe a high concept, or a toxic word used to oppress people (most often women). For myself, I believe that purity, when properly understood, is a good thing, but that ‘purity culture’ is a form of gender based violence.

For the theologians and biblical scholars out there, I also think the debates on the ‘New Perspective on Paul’ have massive implications for how we understand purity. For that reason, my discussion of purity heavily overlaps with the theology covenantal belonging, salvation and hope.

Posts I’m proud of in this section are:



Index page: Perspective on purity
Categories: Purity, Equality

Irritants to evangelicalism (Firelight)

Many of the issues I currently have with evangelicalism come down to, what I believe, is a faulty theology of hope. These posts aim to break down some of the false shibboleths that I see stifling hope and inclusion.

The most popular posts in this section are:

Index page: Irritating evangelicalism
Categories: EvangelicalismBible

Art or licence? (Firelight & Moonlight)

Reviews and commentary on how we portray sex and consent in film, books, art and theatre.



Index page: Art or licence?

Fifty Shades (is abuse) (Moonlight)

Protest banner against 50 Shades "Not consent, not redemption, not a fairy-tale" with quotes from Fifty Shades Darker

These books are a problem. Even if this section isn’t for you, you might want to read Why do I write about 50 Shades?

The most popular posts in this section are:

Index page: 50 Shades
Categories: 50 Shades

BDSM (Moonlight)

Well, it’s hard to write about Fifty Shades without writing about BDSM. Even if this section isn’t for you, you might want to read Why do I write about BDSM? The posts here are primarily to help people recognise abuse (and some are written by people in the scene).

Index page: BDSM
Categories: BDSM, Consent

Delving theology (Starlight)

Old English Bible open at Isaiah

I love digging into the Bible and thinking about God. The most popular posts in this section are:

Index page: Delving theology
Categories: Bible, AmReading

The tapestry of my time (Starlight)

OK, posts in this section don’t tend to get many hits – but those who find them, love them. In particular:

Index page: My tapestry of time
Categories: Thoughts

Creative works (Starlight)

I love to write. You’ll find poetry, sketches and short stories here.

Index page: Creative works
Categories: AmWriting, Poetry, Stories, Theatre

Redemption: Beautiful love or beastly suffering?

Books of the Fifty Shades trilogy with a DVD of Beauty and the Beast
I bought the special edition DVD when I was living in Germany.

These posts take an in-depth look at how redemption is portrayed in Beauty and the Beast and then makes comparisons with Fifty Shades. They’ve been grouped on their own because there are quite a few of them and because they touch on all three of the themes that I blog about. The series ended up being eighteen posts long, so you might want to start with A summary of how redemption in BATB compares with 50 Shades.

Index page: Fifty Shades compared with Beauty & the Beast
Categories: Redemption and Fifty Shades