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In a conversation with a Christian friend, she said that until I had walked her through what the different books of the Bible were, she hadn’t appreciated that the Bible was roughly arranged in chronological order. It made me realise that for some people, approaching the Bible is really daunting because they barely know anything about it. For others, they know the fundamentals, but there are big gaps.

Now, I grew up with the Bible and have read it pretty much every day since I was a child. So, on this page I thought I’d pool together posts that are specifically analysing Bible passages, people, or themes. Some of these dive deep, but others are more beginner-friendly, but they’re all here to help you orient yourself as you read the Bible, especially when it comes to topics relating to marriage, relationships, and women in the Bible.

This is a collection of sunlight posts: the content here aims to be refreshing and generally uncontroversial. If you’re looking for posts that analyse difficult or ‘clobber’ passages, you’d probably be more interested in the firelight posts under atonement and inclusion, or the moonlight posts under virginity, honour and violence.

If you’re looking for more reflective or sermon-style posts, you’ll find them amongst the starlight posts in delving theology plus there are a bunch of Bible-related poems and short stories in creative works.

1 Corinthians 15 for beginners series:

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