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About me – Christine Woolgar

I’m a human being. I have a body, a mind and a spirit and they all matter to me. I have loves, beliefs and dreams; I have hates, foibles and limits.

OK, more specifically: I’m Christine, a thirty-something woman, living in England with my dearly beloved. I’m a Christian, I love to write, and I’m on a mission to transform attitudes around sex.

(By the way, if you want to know where the picture above came from, it’s by Siku and you can find out about that here.)

Loves in my life include (in no particular order): Star Trek and Babylon 5, theology, physics, Harry Potter, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, piano and singing, writing poetry, Alanis Morisette, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, coffee and cake, and going for long walks with my husband.

Experiences that are important to me include (again, no particular order): realising that the man I’m now married to had hidden depths; living in Germany for a year as a teenager; discovering I could buy sheet music for Harry Potter; volunteering for a domestic violence charity; watching a documentary India’s Daughter about Jyoti Singh’s death, and another documentary about FGM/cutting; learning about hope, resurrection, the body, Paul (and like, half the New Testament) as I read books by Tom Wright, Paula Gooder and Russell Herbert; going for psychosexual therapy two and a half years into my marriage; realising that I could enjoy other people’s ideas without feeling sidelined.

My vision for this blog

This blog is intended as an intersection of Christian, feminist and sex-positive thinking. In my experience, these groups of people have a lot to learn from each other, but don’t always know how to engage in good dialogue. I also think that each of them has something important to contribute in fighting gender based violence and intimate partner violence. (I care about that.)

If you identify as a Christian, a feminist or a sex-positivist – this blog is for you. I want the posts here to be accessible, even if some of them aren’t written specifically to you. I took Fifty Shades of Grey as the starting point for this blog (here’s why) but I want the blog to be about much more than that.

I particularly want to re-shape thinking around what is understood by “purity” – and work that out in both church and society. Possibly the single most comprehensive (and yet most concise) blog post I’ve done that sets out the topics I want to blog about is Always reforming: 95 statements on hope, sexuality and consent.

A few general points about my faith

I can honestly describe my decision to put my faith in God to be the best I’ve made in my life. That said, there were a number of active choices since then that, in combination, have led me to be living a life that’s more purpose-driven and hope-filled than I’d ever expected whilst I was growing up.

I generally prefer to describe myself as a Christian than a strong adherent to any particular denomination. I recognise with sadness that the church hasn’t always been a faithful herald of the gospel, but I still have confidence in her founder.

I hold a high view of the Bible and believe it to be inspired, though I don’t think it can be understood without – at least in some sense – recognising it is literature. I believe that Jesus is the one who saves, but it’s not for me to judge who will ultimately be proven as having entered into belonging with him. I believe there is no salvation outside of the cross, but when I share the gospel I emphasise that my hope is in God for resurrection. I also believe that living faith needs to express itself in works.

A few general points about sexuality

I draw upon my own experience of sex when I write. I’m heterosexual, monogamous and cisgender, though I recognise that not everyone is like me and the reasons for that are varied and complex.

I consider that purity culture not only fails at promoting sexual ethics but is, at its core, a form of gender based violence.

Both my husband and I felt a specific calling to get informed about BDSM culture (here’s a bit more detail) and this blog reflects that. I am not afraid to talk about the awkward and taboo, but I endeavour to do so in a way that’s considerate.

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