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About me – Christine Woolgar

I’m a human being. I have a body, a mind and a spirit and they all matter to me. I have loves, beliefs and dreams; I have hates, foibles and limits.

OK, more specifically: I’m Christine, a thirty-something woman, living in England with my dearly beloved. I’m a Christian, I love to write, and I’m on a mission to transform attitudes around sex.

My vision for this blog

I hope this blog will be an intersection of Christian, feminist and sex-positive thinking. In my experience, these groups of people have a lot to learn from each other, but don’t always know how to engage in good dialogue. I also think that each of them has something important to contribute in fighting gender based violence and intimate partner violence. These happen to be things I care quite a bit about.

If you identify as a Christian, a feminist or a sex-positivist – this blog is for you. I want the posts here to be accessible, even if some of them aren’t written specifically to you. I took Fifty Shades of Grey as the starting point for this blog (here’s why) but I want the blog to be about much more than that.

A few general points about my faith

I can honestly describe my decision to put my faith in God to be the best I’ve made in my life. That said, there were a number of active choices since then that, in combination, have led me to be living a life that’s more purpose-driven and hope-filled than I’d ever expected whilst I was growing up.

I generally prefer to describe myself as a Christian than a strong adherent to any particular denomination. I recognise with sadness that the church hasn’t always been a faithful herald of the gospel, but I still have confidence in her founder.

I hold a high view of the Bible and believe it to be inspired, though I don’t think it can be understood without – at least in some sense – recognising it is literature. I believe that Jesus is the one who saves, but it’s not for me to judge who will ultimately be proven as having entered into his salvation. I believe there is no salvation outside of the cross, but when I share the gospel I emphasise that my hope is in God for resurrection.

A few general points about sexuality

I draw upon my own experience of sex when I write. I’m heterosexual, monogamous and cisgender, though I recognise that not everyone is like me and the reasons for that are varied and complex.

I consider that purity culture not only fails at promoting sexual ethics but is, at its core, a form of gender based violence.

Both my husband and I felt a specific calling to get informed about BDSM culture (here’s a bit more detail) and this blog reflects that. I am not afraid to talk about the awkward and taboo, but I endeavour to do so in a way that’s considerate.

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