Water for the soul

All Shall Be Well outside Norwich Cathedral

Posts on this page are personal contemplations. They are mostly gentle and uplifting.

Reflections on blogging

New profile picture: grey places and the art of Siku

Grey woman with the staff of Aaron, art by Siku

My greatest regrets are when I was trying to be someone I’m not

How do I handle non-responses on social media? Yeah, not great.

Coloured windows at Norwich Cathedral

Reflections on life

More than memories: why I am not afraid of losing our holiday to epilepsy (Feb 2018)

Lefty catcher's mitt holding baseball on table

Music, perfection and play: shedding childhood shame (Oct 2016)

Sheet music of Harry Potter music The Room of Requirement on a piano

An open letter to JK Rowling: nine things I can’t thank you enough for (Jul 2017)

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone book with cinema 3D glasses

Reflections from standing outside the Fifty Shades Darker premiere (Feb 2017)

Protest banner against 50 Shades "Not consent, not redemption, not a fairy-tale" with quotes from Fifty Shades Darker

My Christian Walk

Whose values will I embody? On recent politics, St Paul, and Frozen. (Jun 2018)

The friend who was always there: on faithfulness, creativity and being me (Jan 2017)

White Tree death resurrection poem

Who breaks in and does the washing up? Strange stories and Easter (Apr 2017)

Yellow roses in garden