Picture of two books stacked together: How not to fall by Emily Foster and Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

Art or licence?

This page is analysis and reviews of how sex and romance are portrayed books, films and theatre (including porn and erotica, where relevant). Is it art, artistic licence, or just licence?

An open letter to my pro-porn friend: ethic impossible? (Firelight content)

An open letter to my pro porn friend: ethic impossible?

Endless Second: a brilliant and much-needed play about consent and reconciliation (Jan 2019) (moonlight content)

Review of Endless Second play by Theo Toksvig-Stewart

“Just don’t do it” review: a zany swipe at abstinence culture — but can it find its audience? (July 2019) (firelight content)

Flyer for 'Just don't do it' by Beside Ourselves collective, on a black background. The flyer says 'Sex. Celibacy. The Church' and has two women on it, facing the camer. One is dressed as a bride; the other in a tracksuit. The bride is holding a large 'no entry' sign over the top of the other woman's legs. There's also large text: "Just don't do it review: a zany swipe at abstinence culture - but can it find its audience?" workthegreymatter.com

10 things I hope Disney changes from the 1991 Beauty and the Beast (14 Mar 2017)

Belle descends staircase in Beast's castle in Winter wearing 3/4 length sleeve dress

Less was more: my (spoiler-free) review of the live-action Beauty and the Beast (18 Mar 2017)