Creative works

“Never Surrender Dreams” is J Michael Straczinsky’s summary of Babylon 5 in under five words.

Picture poems

Resurrection me: tasting future glory (poem that reminded me of C.S. Lewis’ writings) (Apr 2017)

Steps leading into light at Manorbier Castle, Cair Paravel, with poem about resurrection

A prayer of welcome to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit dove prayer adoration

But if I have not consent: (a poem inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:1-8)

Lovers silhouetted against sunset with the words: But if I have not consent... A poem inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:1-8.

Isaiah 58:1-9a (remix) – a call to Christians who campaign

White background with blue text Isaiah 58:1-9a (remix), and opening words of the poem in decreasing size font

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Short stories and sketches based on Bible passages

Skandalon: Mary teaches the boy Jesus (based on Luke 2:41-50)

Bible open at Luke chapter 2 with the words "Skandalon: Mary teaches the boy Jesus"

His name is John: Elizabeth writes to Mary (based on Luke 1)

Bible pages open at Luke chapter 1

Love vs Abuse: a drama sketch about Boaz and Ruth, Joseph and Potiphar’s wife (based on Genesis 39 and Ruth)

Ruth and Boaz Bible


Other short stories, sketches and poems

The Cedar of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon in garden

Dear Judge (a poem about Brett Kavanaugh) (Oct 2018)

Wordcloud of words in the poem Dear Judge with blue and red text in the shape of the USA


O Precious Sight (by Vicky Beeching) – a contemplative video for Good Friday

Aisle at Beverley Minster

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