Candles surrounding the cross in Norwich Cathedral

Atonement and inclusion

When I write about patriarchy, I’m often writing about where things have gone wrong — the problems in how we frame gender relations and sex. This page focusses on where things have gone wrong within the Christian understanding of hope. This has massive implications for how we understand the cross, agency and inclusion.

I focus on my observations from evangelical Christianity, because that reflects my upbringing. (Also, I believe there’s a pearl to be made here — even if that’s as a product of irritation.) I recognise that how evangelicalism manifests in the US is markedly different to the UK (and I live in the UK).

For an introduction for why I have this page at all, have a read of An open letter to Nate Sparks on leaving evangelicalism (aka “Why do I consider myself an irritant to evangelicalism?”)


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