Towards equality

It’s hard trying to come up with an image for ‘equality’ as there are so many different kinds of inequalities and different combinations of intersectionality. But one of the oldest, and perhaps most universal, is that of people eating together. Perhaps then it’s no surprise that holy communion – the sharing of bread and wine – is one of the central sacraments of Christianity and a sign through which the church shows its shared heritage.

The inequality I have studied most and wrote about most prolifically is undoubtedly gender inequality. But every now and then you’ll find me writing on other divisions too.

Understanding consent and fighting violence against women and girls

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The lying abusers who pose as victims: lessons from Mr Wickham

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10 uncomfortable realities in Morgan Freeman's statement on sexual harassment

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Modesty culture

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Equality and church culture

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Priestesses In the Church essay title by CS Lewis

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Word cloud in red and blue about David and Bathsheba with the post’s title

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Pair of ducklings

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LGBT Rainbow

My choice in the wake of Orlando and Brexit

Race relations

Books of 2017: ‘The Twilight of Cutting’ taught me about more than FGM (Jan 2018)

Representation in popular culture

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Belle descends staircase in Beast's castle in Winter wearing 3/4 length sleeve dress

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