Love in eternity (or: On faith, hope and God)

I think of myself as a theological sheep-pig.

The image comes from the film adaptation of a children’s book called “Babe”. It’s about a pig that thinks it’s a sheep-dog. The pig is so good at sheep-herding that the farmer enters Babe into a competition. There’s a moment where the farmer contemplates the application form and the line “Name of animal”. The narrator remarks that the farmer takes comfort in reading this, for if it had said “Name of dog” he might not have entered Babe into the competition.

Similarly, the idea of a “sheep-pig” is possibly the best way I can make sense of myself and where I stand in my theology. I don’t belong – and yet I do.

For an all-round flavour of the topics that I blog about and my theology, have a read of Always reforming: 95 statements on hope, sexuality and consent, it includes statements like:

1. When God expresses himself through us, the outworking result is authentic to both us and him.
29. God isn’t boring, has a sense of humour, and understands suffering.
33. Any sexual ethic based on inexperience and/or passive preservation, is purity culture.
51. Awareness of sin comes with maturity; it’s not always a prerequisite for putting faith in Jesus.
56. The commission of the church is to embody, for the sake of the world, the same reconciling covenant faithfulness (that is, righteousness) that was shown to us in Jesus.
58. Acculturation does not always mean conformity to the pattern of the world. Witness Esther.
85. Purity-as-separation subverts God’s plan for reconciliation and is contrary to the church’s covenant calling.

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