Love in eternity (or: On faith, hope and God)

Fundamentally, this blog is an expression of what I believe. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a repository for everything I believe and value, and if it can be called a platform for speaking up about some things, it can’t cover every worthy cause. But the bottom line is, I believe in God and I believe he called me to get stuck into all this stuff about consent and sexuality. So I am.

I first started the blog in the run up to the film release of Fifty Shades of Grey in February 2015 and to begin with the focus was on 50 Shades and its portrayal of consent and BDSM. But then I thought to myself: am I going to blog about badly written erotica, but not about the love poem Song of Songs? Or about the terms of a BDSM contract, but not about the meaning of covenant? Or about the eternal marriage of two undead vampires (that’s a Twilight Saga reference there), but not about the hope I have for resurrection?

Not likely.

So… the posts on this page all directly relate to my faith as a Christian. Some are there because they are relevant to the other themes I explore in this blog, others are there just because I think they’re worth sharing.

Analytical posts on Bible and/or Theology

Esther in the Bible: Surprisingly political

Revelation 22 for beginners (with illustrations from Harry Potter)

Ruth and Joseph: A closer look at love vs abuse

Year of Hell, Remember Nothing, & The Wish: lessons on hope

Posts about a new perspective on purity

Rethinking virginity: yes, it is about purity, but it’s not like a silk scarf (Jul 2017)

A brain-dump about purity: this time, I think I really might change the world (Sep 2017)

Why purity-as-separation undermines the church’s covenant calling (Oct 2017)

Creative pieces

Resurrection me: tasting future glory (poem that reminded me of C.S. Lewis’ writings) (Apr 2017)

His name is John: Elizabeth writes to Mary (based on Luke 1)

Love vs Abuse: two stories you’ve not heard like this (based on Genesis 39 and Ruth)

A prayer of welcome to the Holy Spirit

The Cedar of Lebanon (not Bible based)

My Christian walk

An open letter to JK Rowling: nine things I can’t thank you enough for (Jul 2017)

Why do I write about 50 Shades?

My choice in the wake of Orlando and Brexit

What? A study on Nehemiah? And The Gospel Coalition wrote it?

An open letter to Nate Sparks on leaving evangelicalism

The friend who was always there: on faithfulness, creativity and being me (Jan 2017)

Reflections from standing outside the Fifty Shades Darker premiere (Feb 2017)

How can we make church more inclusive spaces for ‘minorities’ (Jul 2017)