Lines in the sand (or: On consent, abuse and BDSM)

Navigating personal boundaries, moral boundaries and societal boundaries is a pretty complex business. And when sex is involved all the stakes get racked up. Often, this process of navigating circumstances gets called “consent”, and I believe it’s important enough and complex enough that it needs to be studied in its own right.

The posts in the categories below are generally about that.

I put content notes at the top of posts to give readers an idea of what to expect. Also generally speaking, I don’t use images that make reference to domestic violence or BDSM.

Ending VAWG – About ending violence against women and girls

50 Shades – About the Fifty Shades trilogy and all that is so very wrong with it

BDSM – About BDSM, the scene, and consent, with a number of posts written by people in the scene

Fifty Shades compared with Beauty & the Beast – About the real meaning of redemption, literary tropes (and how they perpetrate purity culture and inequality), and everything that is wrong with 50 Shades