Lines in the sand (or: On consent and boundaries)

I believe consent is important enough and complex enough that it needs to be studied. This is where you’ll find posts about consent and how to identify and handle non-consensual (abusive) behaviours.

In my 95 statements on hope, sexuality and consent I had these ten to say about consent specifically (and there are other statements about abuse and sex):

41. Consent for a sexual relationship should not be sought where there is a significant power imbalance.
42. Consent to a relationship does not imply consent to a specific act.
43. Sex is not about saving someone’s life, so get active consent each time, every time, before penetrative intercourse.
44. Doing something new in sex? Get continuous active consent.
45. Doing something fun in sex? Get enthusiastic consent.
46. Informed consent means known exclusions, known inclusions, and being risk aware for unknowns.
47. When it comes to sex, stopwords do not require explanation and should be honoured without qualification.
48. Honouring consent is a form of faithfulness.
49. Giving and receiving consent is a form of wisdom.
50. Wisdom is something that grows with maturity.

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