Lines in the sand (or: On consent and boundaries)

I’m privileged to be in a society that equips me to be able to handle the complications of my sexual physicality. Part of that is through the medical and sanitary provisions we have and part of that is through education. I’m not complaining. My goodness, knowing what does or does not prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases (and what does or does not treat them) is something I am very, very grateful for.

But that’s only half of the picture. There’s also the emotional side – and when it comes to this, I fear we’re not nearly so clued up on how to avoid the pitfalls and heal hurts. Yet we need both.

Honestly, what good does it do you if you go for a bungee jump and take care to ensure the cord is tied to your feet, but not pay any attention to what the other end is tied to?

The posts listed on this page are about consent and boundaries, and unsurprisingly this sometimes spills over into what makes good relationships generally.

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